What is the Permanent Make Up?

Permanent make-up brows or micropigmentation are a form of  advanced cosmetic tattooing. It is a semi-permanent treatment which lasts up to 3 years, gradually fading as time passes. A Pigment is implanted into the derma layer of the skin, using fine needles creating the illusion of natural brows (hair stroke technique) or shadow effect (powder or ombre technique). Both techniques look extremely natural.

Permanent makeup can transform your eyebrows.  It can take years of you whether you have sparse, over-plucked, patchy brows or are suffering from a hair loss condition or have been through chemotherapy, or if you simply want to add colour and definition. If you are wanting a celebrity ‘WOW’ brow or an extremely understated natural hair simulation brow, permanent makeup is just what you are looking for.

How is the procedure carried out?

On the day of the permanent makeup treatment the very deep consultation is carry out about your health, discussion in detail about your expectations and will make sure that new look created is exactly what you desire.

The first step for amazing eyebrows is to identify your face shape. Using the client’s natural face shape the brows are carefully measured and drawn directly onto the skin. Where the client can then approve or request any changes.  Once the drawn on brow template has full approval, a pigment is carefully chosen taking into account the clients skin tone and undertones. 

Permanent makeup brows is carried out using a digital machine and specialised needle cartridges, allowing the artist to create bespoke brows.  Any suggestions regarding enhancement your beauty will be offered on the basis of your skin tone and face shape. Crucial to the procedure is the follow up or retouch appointment carried out 8 – 12  weeks later to touch up any imperfections and shape.

Why second appointment is important?

During the first appointment, a shape is established, colour saturation occurs, or the first set of hair-stokes. The second appointment is to intensify the pigment. This is usually around 1.5 hour’s appointment to add more pigment to the brow area. 

This is because the area is healing, some parts may not hold as well as others and you may have a few patches that need more colour or where hair-strokes faded, as they can do. This is completely normal and everyone heals differently. 

I give my best at our first appointment but if there is any little thing I can do to perfect it come back for your touch-up. Sometimes the healed area is to ash, shape needs adjusting, one side is a couple of hairs closer towards nose, one tail is longer or they just may be to light, it is crucial to have the retouch appointment done. It is important that any retouch procedure will be performed no sooner than four weeks after the initial treatment. The minimum norm for follow-up appointment for lip procedure is 8 – 12 weeks. 

How long does the procedure take?

It takes roughly 2.5 hours, sometimes it may be more sometimes less, as everyone is different and the treatment is performed very individually. Please allow at least 3 hours for your appointment. It does not take that long, but the Permanent Makeup isn`t something we want to rush.

How will I look straight after the treatment?

Straight after the treatment the treated area can become red and swollen which will dissipate within two hours after. This will only last a day or two, then the crust that forms will start to flake away revealing a lighter and more natural colour. 

Your eyebrows will appear darker initially which will fade with the next 5-10 days, after those days they may appear lighter for up to 40 – 60%.

Healing time varies from person to person and mainly depends on your skin sensitivity. Usually it takes about a week to 10 days for the skin to form and peel off. Then the pigment needs some time to settle into the skin. At least 6 weeks needs to pass before we consider our retouch appointment.

How long will my Permanent Make Up last for?

Everyone is different, pigment fades due to the natural exfoliation of the skin. It can last anywhere from 2-3 years depending on the individual skin regeneration. 

Retouch appointment after a year is recommended to refresh the design, keep the colour fresh and the strokes crisp. Overall the Permanent Makeup will last as long it is maintained.

How is colour chosen for my eyebrows?

I bespoke mix your colour considering your skin tone and hair colour to get the perfect match for you. This is also discussed and confirmed before we go ahead with the permanent makeup process.

Is it a safe procedure?

Yes, it is very safe procedure as the cosmetic tattoo machine is one of the most hygienic available, a small, pen-like device that uses completely disposable parts. All needles, tubes, chambers, caps, casings – anything that comes into contact with clients, are brand new and sealed prior to your treatment. 

In regards to patch tests, this can be arranged, and is recommended if you are concerned/are a highly allergic individual. However, – as an allergic reaction can sometimes show after 2 weeks, but sometimes 5-10 years later (this can be due to hormones/medications or simply unknown) 

Does the process of Permanent Makeup hurt?

My main aim is that you are comfortable during the procedure although there is some discomfort associated with it. 

A topical aesthetic before and throughout is applied on the treated area. Most of my clients describe the feeling as slight scratchy sensation or they say it is similar to getting threaded that disappears after anaesthesia.

What should I do to prepare for my procedure & what is my aftercare?